PuroPhase SPE Reverse Phase PCG1200MHEMA is a hydrophilic porous adsorbent, copolymer of hydroxymethyl methacrylate/DVB supplied in cartridges for retention of hydrophilic compounds.


Principal Applications

  • Solid Phase Extraction
  • Retention of hydrophobic analytes

Typical Packaging

  • Box

Typical Physical & Chemical Characteristics:

Polymer Structure Porous adsorbent, copolymer of hydroxymethyl methacrylate/DVB
Appearance Spherical beads in cartridge
Functional Group None
Format Cartridge
Bed mass 200 mg
Cartridge volume 3 ml
Number cartridges per box 50
Connector luer slip male
Column material Polypropylene
Surface Area (min.) 500 m²/g
Particle size (90% in Range) 50 - 100 µm
Total moisture 0 - 5 %
Porosity, Median Pore Diameter (Å) - Lower limit 200 - 400 Å
pH limit stability 1 - 14
Recommended Storage 2 - 20 °C
Expiry date (from date of manufacture) 5 years years